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Facade designer Oliver Kray creates your facade

Facade Design - Construction Art by Oliver Kray

As an artist and professional façade designer, I have been passionately working in the sphere of construction-art for over 10 years. After designing façades in Germany and some parts of Europe, I am now proud to launch my unique service in America.

The following pages show a selection of my construction artworks and offer detailed information on my work as a façade designer.


If you are curious to see how the façade of your property can be turned into a piece of art, just send me a digital photo of the house and I will create your unique façade design and send you a non-binding proposal.

Engage in a new concept of artistic construction-art and experience how façade design will positively change the perception of your property.
Contact me today and I will be happy to send you more detailed information on my work.

Best Regards,

Oliver Kray

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Examples of my facade designs

blue facade design on a company
Colorful facade design for a company in Paderborn, Germany
  design silo, facade designColorful facade design on a silo in Borchen, Germany

Colorful facade design on a private home in Sevilla, Spain
Facade design on a apartment building in Bad Harzburg, Germany

Facade artwork on a apartment building in Duisburg, Germany
Colorful facade design on a commercial building in Erlangen, Germany

Facade design on a office building in Paderborn, Germany
Facade design on a office building in Paderborn, Germany

Design of a facade on a apartment house in Wolfsburg, Germany
  painting apartment house, facade design
Apartment house facade design by Oliver Kray in Bielefeld, Germany


About the artist Oliver Kray


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Born in Berlin as son of an art teacher, Oliver Kray has discovered his passion for colours and shapes at an early age. After making his first drafts on paper and canvas he began to develop his skills with the spray can. Soon he advanced to become one of the best known graffiti artists of Berlin’s underground scene.

But the passionate artist strived for more and decided that his works should be seen and acknowledged by a much broader public. Deeply-rooted in his street art background and inspired by his love for colours he developed his unique style to create timeless images on house façades all over Germany.

Oliver Kray’s graffiti-inspired, abstract designs soon gained recognition among art lovers and professionals all over the country. He has been awarded numerous prizes and can be named among the best and best-known German façade designers of our time. Oliver Kray successfully transformed his creativity into the most diverse spheres and today his portfolio ranges from façade to interior, product and fashion design. After travelling throughout Germany and Europe, Oliver Kray has returned to his roots and now lives and works in Berlin.

Oliver Kray
Kurfürstendamm 224
D-10719 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 - 37 44 5006
Mobile: +49 (0) 177 - 505 1981
Email: info@oliverkray.com
Web: www.oliverkray.com


More facade artworks by Oliver Kray